About Us

Sheila Miller and Thom Eisenberger are the owners/operators of Eisenberger Home Watch. We are the people you will be entrusting with your homes. We have vacationed in the area for many years and own a home in the Gulf Cove area. We know what it is like to be a guest in someones home and what it is like to be an absentee owner. Like ourselves, you need to be able to trust someone else with your home, and we are some of the most trust worthy people you will ever meet. Sheila and I started Eisenberger Home Watch because we needed a reliable home watch service, (that we were comfortable with when we were here just part-time) and couldn’t find such a service. So, when we moved to Charlotte County permanently, we started the company. Eisenberger Home Watch will provide “Peace of Mind” to home owners in our area when they are away from their homes. Sheila is a life long Customer Service Professional. She has lived in Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and now back to Florida.Thom was a Home Remodeling Contractor in Pennsylvania. As part of his business Thom has restored totally flooded homes, mitigated mold and has done home inspections for insurance companies. Thom has a lot of knowledge about how to care for your homes. 

What We Can Offer You

We offer the most important service of all ” Peace of Mind” while you are away. Knowing that someone is visiting your home regularly to make sure everything is alright and all your contracted services are being done takes the worry out of being away. We’ll contact you immediately if anything is out of order.  

Why Choose Us

We use the latest technology designed specifically for the home watch industry. Each Home Watch visit to your home will be performed by either Sheila or Thom, using an App. The App utilizes the latest technology to help us document the conditions of your home. It is the use of these technology tools that sets Eisenberger Home Watch apart from our competition. You will have instant access to your home watch reports and GPS mapping will show you proof of our visit. Having Eisenberger Home Watch visit your home can prevent small issues from becoming big problems, requiring more difficult and expensive solutions when you return. Who wants to deal with home problems when they return? You came back to your home to relax, not to deal with problems. Besides, do you even know who you would call for help? Let us give you “Peace of Mind” while you are away. With our regularly scheduled visits and knowledge of local vendors, we can help your home receive the attention it deserves. 

Benefits of Hiring an Accredited Home Watch Service

An Accredited Home Watch service’s regular visits to your property may prevent or lessen property damage.An Accredited Home Watch service will create a presence in your home which may deter squatters and other intruders.Accredited Home Watch inspectors will look for leaks, insect infestations, mold and other potential threats.An Accredited Home Watch service will deliver consistent an accurate information to you during your absence.An Accredited Home Watch service can make arrangements for work to be done in your absence, leaving you to do what you wish once you return.An Accredited Home Watch service can act as your liaison between contractors, associations, Realtors and virtually anyone that you authorize them to.An Accredited Home Watch service will implement your storm plan.An Accredited Home Watch service will answer alarm calls.Homes controlled by an HOA/POA have bylaws that dictate how their exterior and ground are to be maintained. An Accredited Home Watch service will make itself aware of these rules and make sure that your home is kept within guidelines. They will address any problems with landscapers and lawn services.For condo owners, while an HOA/POA is responsible for common grounds and common areas, you are responsible for everything from the “studs in”. Problems in an upstairs unit can create major damage to the unit below. Common pipes in common walls are also notorious for causing problems to multiple units. An Accredited Home Watch service can discover issues prior to your return.An Accredited Home Watch service will give you peace of mind, knowing that your home is being looked after by professionals who have your best interests in mind.  

We have been Trained in the business of Home Watch 

Besides having worked in the construction business and having the knowledge of what should and should not be in your home, we took the time to get trained in the Home Watch Business.”Your Home Watch Professionals” (out of Naples, Florida) has one of the best Home Watch training programs you will ever find. In that class I gained more knowledge about different aspects of the Home Watch business than I had ever thought of. They also teach you the aspects of running the business and what types of insurance you need to protect yourself and the homeowners.

Thank you Diane.