Key Holder

Who Has Your Keys??


Tired of hiding a key outside or bothering your neighbor/friend to unlock your door?

For years, it has been common practice for homeowners to give a copy of their house key to a neighbor, friend, or relative. At times, that can be an enormous responsibility to place on a person. Is it reasonable to expect them to available 24/7? What are your options when they are out of town?

Our Key Holder service allows us to hold onto a copy of your house key that is  secured to protect your privacy. When needed, we can go to your property to meet service vendors/contractors, accept large deliveries, alarm response, locked out guests, checking in on family members and much more. 

This service is designed for any homeowner at any time whether you are a busy professional, frequent traveler or just away on vacation/holiday.

Why not trust a professional that is insured and bonded to provide you peace of mind while you are unavailable. With every visit to your property, we will submit a report with our GPS reporting software as to why we are there.

This service is perfect for those looking for a more limited, budget oriented option or an “as needed” basis. 

​With our Key Holder service we can provide:

  • Need to respond to a security alarm 24/7
  • Meet a friend or renter to begin and end their stay
  • Meet service vendors/contractors
  • Overseeing property maintenance in the absence of the homeowner
  • Allowing for large deliveries on behalf of the homeowner
  • Anyone who requires access but whom our clients do not want to issue a key
  • Checking on a family member
  • Power outages and severe storms
  • Vacant property inspections and home watch services
  • ​Responding to an alert from House Setter (aka Sherlock) or your alarm company.

Did You Know??

When emergency services are dispatched to your home, they are restricted to a perimeter check only unless there is visible signs of trouble. Prior to leaving your home, inform your alarm company that we are a key holder. Upon notification, we will respond to your alarm to meet emergency personnel and allow access so your home can be thoroughly checked.

A full report will be submitted to you and we will verify your home is secure prior to departure.

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We follow a Code of Ethics

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